10 Day Challenge - Summer Time Fine

I’m sure there is a proper diet that defines this challenge.  One that plenty of books are written about and lots of science and logic behind it. But for me that’s too much. I need simple. Basic.

So here goes: Eat 3 meals a day made up of 4 -6oz of Lean  protein and lots of greens. A couple high protein snacks. Coffee/Tea and tons of water.




I tend to follow Intermittent  fasting rules. Basically fasting 12-16 hours between your evening meal and breakfast. I usually wake up about 530am and meditate, journal and read before getting my kids up at 7. I drink water with lemon followed by a cup of coffee with a splash of cream.  I’m not a big breakfast person so I do a green smoothie about 11am/12noon. Blend 2 cups of mixed greens and one scoop of protein powder (Watch the sugar, mine has zero sugar) and water. It’s a great way to get a ton of greens and nutrients into your body.



I LOVE peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter. And actually just butter but that’s another story. My go to snack is a small apple (Trader Joes has the best small apples, I buy them for my kids because they aren’t too big and nothing gets wasted)  or cut celery and scoop of peanut butter. Watch the sugar, My favorite is Adams Natural Chunky peanut butter. It has zero sugar and its so yummy and oily. I just got a huge jar at Costco. Tip: I put it in the cupboard upside down (On a paper towel) so the oil mixes in and keeps it from getting dry.



I lived in LA for a long time and fresh veggies and raw salads were my go to meal but I now live in Northern Washington State and it’s cold and I just don’t want to eat raw veggies sometimes in the winter months. So I make a lot of Broccoli and brussell sprouts. I sautee them in a pan with butter and some seasoning.

My go to Protien sources are all 4oz of the following: wild salmon, ground Turkey, eggs, hamburger, paleo chicken sausages, chicken breast. I use my BBQ a lot and pan cook most everything else in avocado oil or some Butter.

I weigh in every day using my Renpho Scale and the corresponding app. It tracks water weight, body fat, bone density etc I highly recommend it and the app syncs with apples health app. I also send all my meals and daily progress including morning pictures to my accountability partner and I complain to her too when I really want to break and eat some garbage and she keeps me on track. Ususally saying “DON’T DO IT, YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE” “JUST WAIT TILL CHEAT DAY”

The basic rule for 10 days is NO SUGAR!!!! Lets do this!

Drinks, I don’t drink a lot but if you drink I think  a couple of drinks a week are fine, clean clear alcohol is my go to. Vodka soda or tequila with lime. Whisky is my jam, neat in the winter and on the rocks for summer.

I will be posting meals on my story as we go. Tag me in your stories so I can see your progress! I will also be traveling most of this challenge so it will present a whole new challenge for me but I’m up for it!

lance mokuau