Challenge Tips - Summer Time Fine


Food Prep
I’m not a big fan of leftovers, sorry maybe its snobby but I don’t like old food. I HATE pintrest posts that suggest I would want to eat a meal 7 days after cooking it, I can think of way better things to do with my Sunday, and also I HATE cooking, whoever I marry next should cook or have a 5 star uber eatsaccount… This is a confessional y’all. I do, however prep food to be cooked and it makes my life as a single mom way easier and sticking to my goals much more attainable.


I think of greens like vitamins. Down the hatch. Typically I buy two huge bags of mixed power greens from Costco and section into bags for freezing. I put two big handfuls into one bag. I can’t consume the amounts of greens fast enough before it goes bad otherwise and I don’t want to eat that many salads honestly.  There is no change in nutritional value when frozen and it’s my go to quick fix meal with protein powder or a cup of berries Or just for Vitamin value this is an easy way to get in all your greens. It satisfies cravings and allows for a more balanced day. I don’t think protein powder is real food and am not condoning replacing meals with it but in combination of a weights program it is a good way to get in a significant amount of protein. I also drink the greens alone blended with water, this way its less chewing lol.


I do the same prep for my protein choices. I section ground turkey, wild salmon, white fish and chicken into 4oz portions and pop into the freezer. I suggest using a kitchen scale. But it’s easy to eyeball, a portion of protein is about the size of your palm, for me and my frame this is 4oz. Any amount more than this your body just can’t digest and the excess turns to sugar and is stored as fat. Adjust accordingly. Also this way you can choose how to cook it based on your feeling/taste for that meal. I swear every time I pre-cook my meals I just don’t want those flavors when I go to eat it… this probably says more about me than my taste buds. But whatever… works for me.

I love eggs, they are the most easy meal to make, quick, fresh, all my kids love them. I have a lot of friends with chickens too so I always have a ton on hand. Scrambled, fried, poached I love them all!  I usually always have hard boiled eggs ready in the fridge especially for my growing kids who are ALWAYS hungry… I also love broccoli and find it so easy to toss in a pan after my eggs with some water and butter.. Broccoli and eggs is my favorite meal… weird?

lance mokuau