Celery Juice Cleanse

3 Ingredient anti-inflammatory juice

So all this hype about celery juice. I mean I love celery… with my favorite peanut butter and raisins. Or dipped in hummus or chopped into my favorite soups but never thought I would want to or need to juice celery and I juice a lot! Ihave been reading up on this celery craze and have some information to share.



There are so many benefits to this simple natural elixir.  Its recommended to drink ½ a liter 3 or 4 times per week and you can expect it to aid in reducing bloating and swelling, toxins in the kidneys, arthritis symptoms and many other including gout and asthma, its shown to elevate red blood cells, encourages healthy sleep and balances blood pressure.

Try this juice blend and let me know how you feel



One stalk of organic celery, washed and chopped, a bunch of parsley, some pineapple and coconut water. Optional: add nuts and kefir. I don’t add either because I eat so many nuts anyway and in general Dairy doesn’t like me so we avoid each other. One option is to juice another is to blend. I’m lazy and hate cleaning my juicer so I opt for blending. Its pretty filling so be prepared if you blend.

Celery: Celery has strong anti-inflammatory abilities. It contains natural sodium and treats the damage done by the consumption of table salt while also regulating blood pressure.

Parsley: Parsley is abundant in rich nutrients which aid in joint ache while cleansing your kidney and bladder. It binds with heavy metals and flushes them from the body. It has been shown to minimize the risk of tumors in the lungs.

Pineapple:  Pineapple is also rich in the anti-inflammatory property bromelain beneficial for reducing pain in the joints. It also helps to balance the bodys PH levels by neutralizing fluids. (Use fresh not canned pineapple)

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