10 day challenge Do Humans Run on Coffee?


Here’s what you need to know to get started on my 10 Day Challenge on May 13Th,  and its nothing you can learn from me. This is your WHY. Why do you want to challenge yourself? Why do you want to eat better, train harder, feel better, see results?

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For me this is truly a challenge, I consider myself a healthy person, as in I make healthy choices, I don’t drink soda usually or make poor food choices but to be honest I am not a good eater. In fact, I would say I am a pretty terrible eater. I could Psyco analyze this and recall growing up in the fashion industry where at the age of 14 I was weighed and measured weekly by my agency. It was the 90’s and the waif look was really hot. I, at 14 years old began my career standing 5’9” and 110lbs. (Compared to, at the time of writing this post I am 137lbs and a 39 years old mother of 4). I remember going into the agency one time and my agent commented on another girl who had just left, he was disappointed that she had gained weight, recalling their conversation he explained that she told him “All I eat is salad” to which he scoffed “Imagine” he said “all she eats is salad. well, have you ever seen a fat Rabbit?” I remember being utterly distraught thinking wow I better never get too fat or I may not work and more importantly I won’t be liked, will be made fun of and talked about to other innocent girls in passing. I don’t have an eating disorder and thankfully have a very healthy relationship with food and have done A LOT of therapy so feel really solid in this area. I did, however develop really poor habits, ones that have stuck with me for all these years and I’m ready to challenge them! BRING IT ON!

A few years ago I hired a trainer, who happened to be my neighbor and now a very good friend. When we first started working together she asked me to write down everything I eat so she could analyze it and give me guidance. I was to write down everything I ate for two weeks to give her a good guage of my intake but what we got out of the exercise was a clear picture of my habits. It went something like this:

530am wake up and train from 6-7home to wake the kids up and get them ready for school, I would make them breakfast, eggs or oatmeal, cereal etc, pack their lunches while they ate then head to the shower.

8-9 school drop offs and then Starbucks for me, Dark coffee with a splash of cream and usually a package of almonds (See…healthy) then errands, auditions, meetings etc where at some point I would grab more dark coffee with cream along the way still noshing on my almonds.

About 2pm I would go home quickly and do some house work before a quick nap to take on the other half of the day when the kids got home. I always made time for a nap, choosing sleep, over food every day and twice on Sundays or any other day ending in day!

245-4 school pick-ups, snacks and homework. I am great about feeding my kids, so after school is usually a healthy green smoothie or cut fruit, olives and crackers, hummus and carrots etc. This is where I would mostly eat. Again, healthy choices but just snacks and usually on the go because then…

4-7 activities, dinner is usually something quick and kid friendly like grilled cheese or chicken fingers and asparagus, pasta, mac and cheese all with a side of raw veggies I always have cut up and ready to go with hummus or just plain. And to be honest I was usually full from our grazing sesh and a third cup of hot coffee mid-afternoon I usually don’t eat dinner.

8-9 baths and ready for bed.

So you can see I seem to make good choices but I am a terrible eater!

This is my why! I want to break these habits. I want to find fulfillment in making healthy, conscience meals. Eating as a family, and seeing how it changes my mood, my body and my mind and sets a good example for my children to create healthy habits to take into their adult lives!

What is your why?

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