If you know the why, you can live any how ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Obviously a few tips on a new program are just that. Some tips, a challenge, something to do together maybe a goal to work toward but more than that its an opportunity to come face to face with ones self. This week I plan to post a suggested diet, one that I plan to follow for my own reasons but more importantly I feel like the real work is the ability to stick to a plan, make a commitment, honor it and for that I have my why! Do you?

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So here is how! I’ve always been self motivated, independent and driven in most anything I do but I’m also ok to let some things slip… like right now my car is a huge mess and I don’t even care. I use to get my car washed every week because in LA there is a carwash on every corner and where I live now there isn’t so it hasn’t gotten done cause I don’t want to do it. Totally ok with that! I am ok at times to let certain relationships lapse, or work go unattended but in the end there is more work to do and less time. So I have come up with a plan over the past few months that has worked for me to keep everything in line. Its basic and helpful and will get me thru this 10 day challenge, and every other challenge I come a cross in life. Here we go:

1-    Hydrate. You’ve heard it before. It’s nothing new. But here is a quick tip. Drink half of your body weight in Oz of water every day! Yes! you will have to pee a lot! That means it’s working. For me that’s 77oz. or roughly half a gallon and to be honest I usually drink more. There is a ton of science to back it up but honestly who cares. Just do it! It’s the easiest healthy thing you can do for yourself.

2-    Practice gratitude- this can be a morning ritual or more of a mantra throughout the day. Start your morning expressing gratitude for 3 things. I do this with my kids on the way to school. I call out “Gratitude Break” and we go around the car and say one thing we are grateful for each and repeat till we’ve all said 3. It takes no time and always elevates everyones mood! I like to use this randomly when I’m feeling low or my kids are fighting. It’s so simple and yet very profound! Its literally shifting blood flow to the prefrontal cortex to create balance(Homeostasis) in the brain. Simply being in gratitude changes ones brain chemistry and thus your decision making ability. So cool right!

3-    Accountability- At the end of the day you only have yourself to answer to so integrity is key in any journey but like the Beatles taught us we get by “with a little help from my friends” I have enlisted a friend here or there to help me along many challenges. This takes vulnerability and trust and the rewards are beautiful. For this challenge my friend Sheri and I send each other our meals… yes all of our meals, all day long. ( I just sent her a picture of a spoon of peanut butter…I mean I send her EVERYTHING) We motivate each other and check in throughout the day.  I send her my daily weight and progress pictures. It is so helpful to know I am not alone and it motivates me to have someone champion me.

4-    MOVE your body- I am a very physical person, I actually like running and training but not really for the physical results I get rather the emotional response. Your whole state of being changes with the simple act of moving your body. Also grab a friend, make it a social event, get outside, have fun. Laugh your way thru the work, bask in the endorphin afterglow and take pictures!



Ok These simple things are what I do. In the coming days I will post the challenge and some other more specific tips.

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